Feb 7, 2014

At the fun night, I asked the ladies to save me all the wadding trimmings, for a project I had in mind, which needed stuffing.

Well here it is
A Pin Cushion

The little flower vase, had a nasty chip on the rim, 
but it was so pretty, I didn't trow it away,
so here it is up-cycled.
It took about 5 minuets to make.
I stuffed the vase with the wadding, then made a ball of wadding to sit on top, over-layed a piece of satin with a piece of lace, and pulled it over the top, pulling it tightly with some florist wire,
added a ruffled lace collar, and a ribbon trim to hide the wire, and finished with a organza bow, and a tiny cameo.

What do you think ?


  1. Its lovely Yvonne, your very creative, hope to see you soon Liz

  2. Any suggestions for badly cracked plates?? :)

  3. don't go there, or she might remember,

  4. Wow! No end to your talents. I love it.

  5. Gorgeous Yvonne. So pretty!! Kay XX


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