Jan 4, 2012

What an awful day
The weather here is terrible, winds are gale force, and the rain is belting down,
So I decided to take down the decorations as it was such a bad day,
Then got asked for a quick card, and bang my computer crashed, Simply nothing except a black screen,
Well I nearly went into melt down in a panic,
But Jack to the rescue, about 3 hours later I was back up and running. He unplugged everything, and tested my hard drive on his lap top, which worked, so rebooted and I am now back on-line, Panic Over and card made ready for 6.00 pick up.
What are you all up to?
Are you back crafting after the Christmas break.
I have a few orders for tomorrow evening, so I will share them with you tomorrow.
Not sure what's wrong with the video on the post below. it wont open up for me, but is showing in my design area.
will try to sort that tomorrow.

Hope all the ladies in Kinsealy Malahide have a lovely evening, sorry I'm not there to join you, I'm just going to light the fire, and there's a nice bottle of wine in the fridge with my name on it. 
so I'll share a toast with you all
Happy New Year.
Yvonne xx


  1. Sorry you can't make it to Kinsealy tonight, but you're right to put the feet up and toast us from your comfie warm home! The weather is just as bad on this side of the city. BUT.... take down your decorations????? on the 4th of the month... Wow, I try to keep Christmas going as long as possible! I got a very nice compliment during the Christmas from my Uncle, that my house looked like a doll's house with the decorations! Enjoy a relaxing evening!

  2. Glad you got sorted and fair play on taking the tree down, I still need to do it but have been busy making a mini album and wallets....pics will follow when I find my usb cable

  3. Hi Yvonne,
    Back to stitching with gusto as I have signed up to a few challenges!!

    Made a quick birthday yesterday, very simple but still a vast improvement on attempts before your class!!

    Glad your computer is back working- every house needs a Jack :)


  4. Hi to you all, and a Happy new year to you,
    Sat and made up toppers all evening till nine, I got a lovely new Cd rom from Digi Crafts called furry friends, there the cutest images,so will share a few cards later today when I get them finished.
    see you all soon Yvonne xx
    Ps the tree was beautiful, but have such a lot on I wanted to spend the weekend sorting the house and getting Jack back to Carlow for college.

  5. Your ears must have been burning the night of the Kinsealy get-together! The halo will surely be arriving soon from on-high! Thank you again for sharing your talent with us and for providing great workshops and fun-days. We look forward to many more! Love from everyone on the 'northside'! Happy new year! xx


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