Feb 10, 2014

Here are the cards we made yesterday using some of the
 handmade flowers we made in the morning.
This flower has 3 layers of lace
1st layer, beautiful pink floral lace.
2nd layer crisp white cotton lace
3rd layer pink lace.
with a pink pearl and diamond centre Jewell center 

This one has 3 layers of lace in cream, 
chocolate and taupe colour scheme 
with a center made from gold bead caps, 
coffee and chocolate beads with a  
 diamond centre

This one has  a triple cream non woven fabric
 and triple layer of black non woven fabric.
A Satin edge organza ribbon ruffle, with a taupe lace top layer, 
and a beautiful cream floral butter centre.

This on has 2 tiny white guipure lace base layer,
 with a pretty white lace top layer, and a tiny blue blossom in the centre.

This one took quiet a while as all the leaves and flowers are made by hand.

It has, 2 bud flowers, 1 small blossom, 1 medium size blossom and a large blossom ruffle flower.
all the leaves are handmade with organza ribbon.
and tiny pearl clusters,

The girls found this quiet hard, but were delighted with the finished project.

Poppy made from Non woven fabric with organza leaves

and we also made a miniature wedding dress


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