May 11, 2012

Hi everyone
My hit counter is not far off reaching 44444
if your looking in, please check the hit counter at the bottom of the right hand column, then Email me HERE
if you are number 44444, and I will send you a crafty prize.
Thanks for all your support
Yvonne xx

Congratulations Aileen
On taking part, you are number 44444
So your prize is a Selection of Pearls, Die-cuts, Ribbon and Flowers.
Enjoy, Will give them to you on the 27th 

Just also want to thank Jenny and Camilla for donating cards to help me fill a box for Greystones Cancer Support.
Which were sold at my local Chemist here in Kilcoole.
We managed to make €65.00 which we donated to the charity,
So a big thanks you girls.


  1. Well done girls on raising money for such a good deed. Love, 44444 !!!!!

  2. Hopefully not too long before I'm 55555!!!

  3. congrats aileen on being no 44444 regards siobhan

  4. Thanks Siobhan! See you in Kilkenny hopefully! Or maybe even before hand for the fun day in Bray???

  5. Hi Yvonne, that's some amount of hits.Well done to you. And congrats to Aileen on being no; 44444. Aiveen.


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