Jun 15, 2012

What an awful day
It's like a winters day outside, not cold but very stormy, which makes it a perfect day to craft. so I'm setting a
Friday Challenge
I have a A3 guillotine up for grabs
Pick up only. or collect at a workshop.
All you have to do is design a card 
with summer in mind to cheer us all up.
Theme Summer's Here
Take a photo and send it to me by email.
With details of how you made it, where you got the supplies from, and a bit about yourself,
All cards will be displayed on my blog, and viewers will be asked to vote for there favourite one, everyone who takes part will get a little embellishment goody bag. for taking part.

Closing date 30th of June.
I will pop a poll up when the first card comes in.

Have fun designing your card
happy crafting Yvonne.

If you don't have my new email address, please leave a comment and I will email you back.


  1. What a great idea best of luck to all who entre into the challenge

  2. yes, it's a great idea! Please email me! Aileen (Mc Kenna) in red book :)

  3. Hi, before I get to that I have to make an American footballer card. Have you got one, please. Aiveen.

  4. mmmmm.... who's the American??? Could he be playing during the summer so that you kill two birds with the one stone???

  5. any of the scrapbooking sites will do American football downloads,
    yvonne xx
    Aileen I have sent you 3 or 4 email they are probably in your junk mail.

  6. Nope, afraid not! I'll ring you some morning next week.


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