Sep 16, 2013

Hello everyone
Hope your all well.
I had to make the swap card for Camilla's Swap on facebook.
and it's an Autumn theme this month
so wrote a little poem to put on the back

Autumn Leaves

The autumn leaves are falling down
In vibrant colour's
They lay on the ground
And the air is fragrant, crisp and cool

Oh how I love this time of year.
Darker evenings closing in.
Fire a light, and lights down low
it’s warm and cosy, tucked up inside.

I know it’s getting colder
But I really don’t mind.
For winter's on the way
Then it’s nearly Christmas time.

(By Yvonne Tune)


  1. Hi Yvonne theres a little winged bird on your home page, he is blue, is this what we are looking for? Happy Birthday have a fab day :) x Liz

  2. No Liz, you need to scroll down the page, it has wings bu isn't a bird, leave the comment under the post, where you see it.

  3. thanks bróna hope you had a lovely day xxxxxxx

  4. is it the butterfly ? xxxxxxx bróna

  5. keep looking ladies, I promise it is there and it's wings are fluttering,

  6. thanks ladies but you need to leave the comment at the right post to be entered into the give away.


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