Jul 9, 2013

this mornings Makes

Paris Fashion topper card

Mo's digital pencil designs, coloured images from Hobbyhouse.co.uk
layered on to die-cut shape
large white doily cut in 1/4 and added to corners, and finished
with ribbon and flowers

Pink rose layered card finished with lace and satin ribbon


  1. A beautiful day making these lovely cards with Yvonne and the ladies today.. Liz xx

  2. thanks Liz, hope to see you soon. Yvonne

  3. Yvonne what is the little satin flower in the middle of the pink satin ribbon on the rose layered card called? Can it be made or is it bought??

  4. there little ribbon flowers with a diamond in the center,
    try ebay, there's lots of different ones.

  5. Hi Yvonne,

    thank you for such a lovely morning. Enjoyed making the cards. The doily one was so different. I'll soon get used to bows. I'll have a go in the garden tmrw.

    Cheers again.


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