Apr 22, 2012

Thank you to everyone who came to my Dungarvan Workshop
it was lovely to meet all the new ladies,
A Special thank you to Bernie Keane for organising everything,
the Room was brilliant, as was our apartment, I would recommend the hotel, and will defiantly use it again,
I will sort the missing sheet out today, and get them in the post to everyone on Monday, don't forget to send me you addresses, 
( my ink ran out in the middle of printing, and the new cartridge was faulty, so some how waiting on the cartridge to arrived, I miss printing the rest of that sheet, please except my apologies)
I will sort it ASAP.
I know a lot of you want to come to Kilkenny, so I will be in touch with Marion Kilbride, and sort out the seating to get a few extra places. please contact Marion HERE to book in
Thank you to everyone who drove long distances, from Dublin, Kilkenny, Carlow and Wexford to join the Waterford ladies,
Thank you for inviting me back, I will sort a date with Bernie, and the hotel, and post details in a few weeks,  please let me know the theme you would like, and I can sort it with Bernie
A Special thanks to Bernie, for bringing her shop BK Craft Supplies along, it's a great shop with lots of wonderful stock, and good prices, if there was something you wanted and she didn't have it in stock,  just get in touch with her, and she will do her best to get it for you.
Thank you all again for the lovely warm welcome.
see you soon
Yvonne xx


  1. Hi Yvonne

    I really enjoyed the day yesterday. Your teaching method was really good - demonstrating the whole card first is a great idea!
    I couldn't believe I got so much done.
    Thanks very much for all the help and the mountain of work involved in preparing all the packs.
    Looking forward to doing another day in the future.

    Best Wishes
    Mary Birney

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  2. I really hope to make it from Dublin the next time as well!

  3. thanks yvonne for a great day your cards were fab regards Siobhan

  4. Many thanks for comments and feed back, they make running my blog worth while, I enjoyed the day so much myself, I hope to do another Dungarvan one this year,
    Yvonne xx


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