Apr 19, 2012

Just back from Belfast show,
Had a great day,
I promised to say hello on my blog to two lovely ladies from Monaghan, Catherine and Martina.
Lovely to meet up with you both again,
The show was a bit disappointing, as there were very few paper craft stands, I only got 3 things on my list, but still managed to spend a lot of money,
Thank you to Camilla for the lift, and to Camilla, Jenny, Roberta and Miriam for their company,
Thanks also to Trish, Phil Clare and Aiveen, for the lovely lunch, in the kings head.
See you all again very soon
Yvonne xx


  1. Welcome home girls. Sorry that the fair didn't match your expectations, but a girl's day out is always good fun! Yvonne, you said you got three things from your list. You omitted to say how long that list was.....

  2. Long Aileen, very long, it's the first time ever I brought money home.and didn't need to use my credit card.


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