Sep 14, 2013

This is what I've been working on over the last few weeks
I made the Wedding Flowers for a friends Daughters wedding
which was yesterday.
it was a pleasure to do them, and my photos aren't great, but hope to get copies of the album photos.
to share on my pinterest page

Brides Bouquet

1st Bridesmaid Bouquet

2nd bridesmaids Bouquet

Under view of bridesmaids bouquet

Top table x 2

Guest Tables x 8

Large Pedestals 

Large Altar Pedestal

2nd large Pedestal

I did loads more, but the photos are very blurred 
Altar Wedding Candle Arrangement

Memory Candle Arrangement

Wedding Heart for car


  1. Absolutely beautiful, some amount of work must have went in to all that, well done :)

  2. Thanks Nicola
    I loved doing them, as I hadn't done any for over a year,and the colour scheme, was perfect, in the Church, hotel, and the bridal colour theme,

  3. They are stunning as always love the colours.

  4. thanks Ruth, hope to see you soon,

  5. Hi Yvonne think i have found Liz x


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