May 14, 2012

If your from Co Clare and make handmade cards,  you might be interested in this.

Hi have a small craft outlet in a prominent tourist area in co.clare, and i have been looking for people who make cards for all occassions with a wow factor and have inserts in them.

I advertised my shop etc on karen harper website sometime ago but with no luck, i saw your ad and wondered if you would be interested or could you put me in touch within anyone who would be interested in selling thru my shop, it does not include commission or markup deals everyone who supplies to it pays a small monthly fee towards rent,esb, heating and insurance for good while on the premises.

what i am looking for is 100% handmade cards for all occassions with inserts with a verse or even a few lines, i had some but with no inserts and found that my customers were not keen on them like myself, i think there is nothing worse than getting a card for some occassion and you open it and it is blank but for a signature.

the name of my shop is       puddeepdesigns   and i am situated in the west clare gallery complex in ennistymon co.clare,

i can be contacted by email    or on 087 9628953 
if you or anyone you know might be interested please contact me, the monthly fee is 3 euros a week that is 12 euros a 4 week month and 15 a 5 week months, if a few people want to join to supply together i dont mind, or if you know of anyone in this area please tell me.

my new website  is up but still under construction on the shop side but you can get information from that,  my shop has 12 other suppliers of different hand made craft but no card makers as i try to keep my supplier to 1 or maximum 2 of each craft but if there is more than one it has to be completely different to the other that being if one does baby knitwear the other has to do  adult knitwear.

hoping you can help and kindest regards Liz Crowther

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