Feb 8, 2010

Good Morning

What are you all up to today, Me !! well I am finishing off some Valentines Cards, and then going to tidy my workroom, it's a mess, there just to much stuff everywhere, and it need sorting big time, as I can't find anything up there,
Thank you all for coming to my Workshop on Saturday it was a great day, and hope you all enjoyed your cards, sorry there was so much cutting for the first 2 cards, but you finished them in time, and had a nice long break in between for lunch, would love your feed back on the workshop, and the Hall, Do you prefare the Hall to the pub for Room and lighting. please let me know. Yvonne


  1. Thanks Yvonne for a great day. I was exhaused when I got home at 8 20 ish. My cards which are beautiful (if I say so myself) were all finished, which is a first and I was delighted to be going home with all the great bargins I got in you're mega sale. It was fun meeting up with everyone again. You have a great bunch of women in the club. As to the hall or the pub, well the hall has all that space and the light is much better than the pub but my guess is wherever you have you're workshops it will be a huge success as have all you're other ones. Keep up the good work. Look forward to the next one. Aiveen.

  2. Thanks Aiveen, putting details together for a class this morning so watch this space, I have come up with 3 beautiful card, 2 of them boxed.Yvonne

  3. Hi Yvonne, just a note to say a Big Thank You for the class on Sat. 6th Feb. The cards we made were just beautiful and were a big hit with the rest of the family. All the materials used were of the finest quality and you're more than generous with the trimmings, peel-offs, ribbons, gems etc.. You made me feel very welcome, ready with the cup of tea or coffee and your own home made bakes readily available throughout the day. As well as making beautiful cards, I had a lot of 'craic' with the other ladies. It definitely was a very enjoyable day and well worth travelling for an hour and a quarter to get there. I hope I will be able to do many more classes with you in the future. Looking forward to it already.

    Best Wishes
    Mary O'Leary


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