Sep 21, 2014

September at the Wilton

Summers end

Lanscape side opening card,
with a cut away front 

I got the shells from this company HERE

GAA Tribute Card
Front of card

Inside view of card

Back of card

Full view of back of card

Over the Edge Acetate Card

Patchwork Quilt effect card

There's no taste like home

Inside pockets for recipes and teabag envelopes
I wrote a poem for this card, but couldn't get it to rhyme, so asked my lovely crafty friend Janyce Cotterill to have a look at it for me and this is what she came up with,
we used her poem for the card,

I heard you were missing home
And some of your favourite treats
Like apple tart and scones
And a proper cup of tea,
So I made you this little card,
With some Irish recipes
And hope you’ll enjoy making them.
For everyone to eat.
But cake on its own is not quite the same
As when its served with a tea.
so there's a surprise in the pockets
have a look and see
a few Lyons teabags 
now that's a proper 
Cup of Tea.

By Yvonne Tune

Far away and missing home,
You dream of tea time treats,
Like apple tart, your favourite scones,
Now they are hard to beat!
So in this card are recipes,
That you can bake today,
To have a little taste of home,
Although you're far away,
So boil the kettle, make a brew,
And settle down to see,
That life is good and can taste grand,
With cake and a cup of tea!
 by Janyce Cotterill

You can find Janyce on pinterest  HERE 
and her card making sheets HERE
and she also is on  CRAFTS U PRINT

Back view of card

I found the inspiration for this card on Face book HERE
Miranda is probably one of the most talented ladies I follow, and her work is so inspirational, I don't have the things she has, but adapt the projects to the items I have in my craft
room, say hello and leave her a comment if you pop on her blog.

Christmas Wishes

Snowflake kisses


  1. Beautiful cards Yvonne Looking forward to Carlow Regards Siobhan

  2. Hi Yvonne,
    I love the cards "There's no taste like home" and the Christmas ones my favourites!! :)
    Sarah Kimmage


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