Sep 26, 2014

Hello Everyone
from a lovely sunny Co Wicklow
Sorry but I have to add the comments below.

I am very happy for card makers to use my designs and Tutorials for there own personal use, I give permission to other teachers who have attended my classes to use my Tutorials. but would appreciate a credit to the design and instructions.
It has been brought to my attention that a lady is openly copying my designs and instructions and teaching them to a group in Dublin, Who I haven't met and without having contacted me to ask my permission, please get in touch with me if you would like to use my tutorials, as I have no problem sharing, because this is what Crafting is all about.
Many thanks
Happy Crafting Yvonne xx

The lady has now been in touch, and has asked to use my ideas, as she teaches voluntary to 2 groups, and get inspiration from my blog, and will leave comments to let me know,
thanks for getting in touch with me
Regards Yvonne

Today's Card

Swan Lake
This A4 Landscape card was a 21st for a ballerina.


  1. Hi Yvonne, I am glad you approve of me using your blog as inspiration for sharing card making craft with the voluntary groups I work with. They and I have found great enjoyment doing so. Personally I always enjoy visiting your blog and learning new techniques from your tutorials. Many thanks again and best wishes for the future.

    Regards, Rose

  2. thanks Rose, enjoy the blog, thats what it was set up for, to share the hobby, I love so much,


Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate, you taking the time to leave one. and will do my best to answer every one.
Yvonne xx