Aug 11, 2013

Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Here is the recipe as promised for the Chocolate Biscuit cake
4 oz butter
12oz cooking chocolate
1 tin 397grams of nestle condensed milk
place all ingredients in a pot and melt very slowly untill you have a rich creamy texture.
add in anything you like from the following.
Digestive biscuits, broken in to bite size pieces
mixed nuts /seeds
mini marshmallows
broken crunchie
mixed together until fully coated with the chocolate mixture
line a 12 by 8 inch dish with greese proof paper, and flatten mixture to fill dish, 
melt a further 12oz of cooking chocolate, and spoon over the top to cover.
Chill in Fridge for about 3 hours,
and cut into small pieces.
enjoy xx


  1. Wow the cards look great. Also I look forward to trying that recipe as the kitchen finally going in Tues/Weds whoop whoop :)

  2. So it was YOU who made that irrisistable cake? Oh yes, I'm going to be trying that one out!

  3. Oh Yvonne it was yummy!!!!! Am definitely going to make it!!!

    Breda xxx

  4. If its as good as all your other culinary masterpieces I'm going to have to get cracking on this one......sooo much chocolate soooo little time!

  5. maybe you might set up a sub section for recipes? I'm looking for the chicken bake and almond cake but can't find them.

  6. have added a new page, links in the right hand column.

  7. Ahhhh you're fantastic! Thanks a million! xx

  8. Fantastic, now I know where to go straight to instead of rummaging through drawers for the printed copies. Thanks Yvonne.

  9. How long should I leave chicken bake in oven??


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