Jul 21, 2013

Todays Cards

Twin Side Step Card

Side View of Twin Side Step Card
Fairy image from Whoopidaisy

20cm Scalloped Card in Lilac and White 
Coloured image from The Hobby House
Selection of poems about Friendship and tea HERE

Just a little cup and saucer 
Sitting there upon the shelf. 
Remembering what we've been through 
I smile despite myself! 
The countless chilly winter morns 
I've poured a cuppa tea 
And had my quiet time "alone": 
My teacup, God, and me. 
The precious friends
who've shared their hearts, 
That teacup in their hands.... 
How much that friendship has meant, 
Our Father understands!

Concertina Card

Inside view back panel

Inside view middle panel

All White Lace Card

Paper Ribbon Card


  1. We had the perfect day! Thanks a million for beautiful kits, food and company! We didn't even need the fans! I'll collect them the next time! Already looking forward to it!

  2. So Sorry Aileen totally forgot to give the fans back to you,
    see you all on the fun evening

  3. Lovely cards Yvonne. I love the lilac and white one. What did you use for the white frame around the picture? It is lovely. Kay

  4. Its a very good quality doily from ebay, I also split it down the center and overlap the design for rectangle toppers,

  5. You didn't mention the price of them to Kay.....

  6. hi yvonne thanks for a lovely card of crafting on sunday the cards were beautiful as was the lunch regards siobhan


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