Jun 5, 2013


It's such a beautiful day here in Kilcoole
the Sun is splitting the trees, and the garden looks so inviting,
but alas I have to work,
designing the designs for Sunday, 
and yes I am way behind, but getting there,
a few cards to make for tomorrow, 
so will share a few cards this evening.
Enjoy the sunshine where ever you are,
and if your looking in today please please say hello.
Yvonne xx


  1. Yes, the sun is shining in Beaumont as well! I'm just home from a speech and language class with Eoin. Sadly there is work to be done, ironing and the like...! Look forward to the sneak previews this evening. I'm sure you'll be inspired by the sunshine and your beautiful garden!

  2. Hi, another beautiful day here in Kinsealy. Today I made a girl christening card, an engagement card and belated birthday card. Then I sat in the sun. Housework can wait for the rain. Aiveen

  3. Totally agree with you Aiveen, the sun could be gone tomorrow, never took the photos, was to late finishing the cards, so will share tomorrow,


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