Mar 24, 2013

Today's Cards
Sewing Style C5 Step Card.
most of the image on the card were found on pinterest.
I have used a Tim Holtz Die for the mannequin, and some Tim Holtz old paper ink to age the background and mannequin,

Side View of Steps

My Fair Lady Dresses Hat Card 8 inch Scallop card
I had this card design in my head for about 3 months, and just couldn't find the right image, and when I described the image to a friend, (not a card maker) she suggested a Gainsborough hat was the style I needed, and an image of this Cd came up in a search on Google. it's Debbie Moore my Fair Lady Cd Rom. 

Dressed 1920s Style Flapper Girl C5 Card
I wanted to create a dressed card ( by that I mean adding fabric and trim to the picture,) I made a tiny headband by plaiting ribbon, made a cluster of feathers, and added the heart button, we recreated the dress from ribbon, and added the tulle shawl, and self adhesive pearls for her necklace.

Back view of the card again there was such a lot of weight on the front of the card we chose a similar image, and matted and layered it to add weight to the back

Give a Girl the right shoes 21cm Sq Card
Images from Daisy Company
Girly to the max Download
But I have used the Oh La La Download from Delightful Doodles to re-create this card as well.

Back view of card, 
The sentiment on the front of the card was blown up,
and matted and layered
 to add some weight to the back of the card
 as there was such a lots of weight on the front 
it needed to be counter balanced

My Fair Lady Musical Decoupage C5 Card
With a lovely lace Ribbon and pearl trim finish
Image from Debbie More My Fair Lady Cd 
Background found on Google.

Click on the images to get a larger view,
links to all the supplies used can be found in the right hand column.


  1. I'm home safely. Thanks for a brilliant day! The cards are fantastic, the designs so beautiful and elegant. Thank you for a beautiful dinner and dessert! Already looking forward to the next day out :)

  2. Another brillant card making day at Yvonne's. Lots of ideas and advice on where to get paper and images. Thanks for great day

    Linda and Charlotte

  3. Thanks Aileen, delighted you enjoyed the day, mu nose has stopped running, I took to beechams Cold and flu tablets when you all left, so I am just sitting by the fire taking it easy, see you soon
    enjoy the easter holidays, and some much needed rest
    Yvonne xx

  4. thanks Linda and Charlotte, hope you don't get this awful cold, have a lovely Easter
    Yvonne xx

  5. Beautiful cards Yvonne, love what you did with the lady's hat

  6. thanks for a brillant day dinner and dessert lovely and the cards were just fantastic hope your cold dose'nt get anything worse looking forward to the next day all the best Siobhan

  7. hi yvonne. thanks for another great day. really enjoyed the cards. just finished the my fair lady card and it is to nice to give away. evelyn

  8. thanks Nicola Siobhan and Evelyn, many thanks for lovely comments, it's love to get feed back, and very much appreciated, I am repeating this class on Sunday the 7th of April (full) and Sunday the 21st of April, I have 1 place free at the moment but may have 2, as I am waiting on confirmation.
    if anyone is interested
    See you soon

  9. Hi Yvonne, the cards look lovely. I can't wait to make them on the 7th. Aiveen

  10. Yvonne, hope the cold is much improved, you were feeling pretty miserable on Sunday I'd say but yet didn't in any way let it take from the workshop. The dinner and desert were so tasty and the cards are stunning. I just adore the Debbie Moore black & white one and my 'My Fair Lady' card barely landed on the table at home when my husband took off with it to accompany a gift he was giving to someone. Thanks for yet another great and very relaxing day. Shirley

  11. Hi Aiveen welcome home, see you on the 7th, slightly changing the cards for a variation
    Hi Shirley, yes I was, but the show must go on as they say, still have the cold, and just can't seem to shift it,and that's the first cold that's knocked me in about 20 years, must be I'm getting old.
    see you all soon

  12. Yvonne, the cards are gorgeous. My favourite is My Fair Lady Sounds like the girls had a great day with you. Hope you are feeling a bit better. See you soon. Linda Cameron


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