Jan 3, 2013

Here are some of the cards I started today.
these are now ready for Inserts, Embellishments and Greetings
When I have time I spend a full day getting basic cards ready to bling up, this way it saves me a lot of time on a busy week.
I also get lots of cards matted and layered with backing card and pretty paper. tomorrow I will spend the day die cutting on my cricut, matting layers for toppers, as this is also a great way to save time,
My top tip, if you make a beautiful card repeat it straight away, that way you always have back up to hand.

Baby Girls

Baby Boys

Pink Floral

Lilac Floral

Blue Floral


Click pictures for a larger image.


  1. Hi, don't tell me you did all them today. I actually finished the two baby ones I was doing while we were talking and I thought I was great!!!! Will try your tips tomorrow. See you Tue. Aiveen.

  2. I got 38 finished in the end, and 40 cards matted and layered, did washing, cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner, but the house looks like a bomb hit it, I have 30 more invitations to finish off for my niece's 21st today, the decorations are coming down Saturday, so will tidy every where before you all get here Tuesday. don't forget ther boxes.
    Yvonne xx

  3. Hi Aileen was so sick over Christmas I got plenty of time to relax, but just couldn't get motivated again, so just had to on 3rd,
    see you on the 3rd of Feb.


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