Jun 5, 2012

I still need 1 more names for my Blog Candy Give Away,
check out the post further down the page,
 If you not in you can't win
Good Luck Everyone

Comments need to be on the 
Blog Candy Give Away Post


  1. Hi,Making cards in Aileen,s and hear you need a few more comments. Well put me in a few times and you,re done. Really looking forward to Kilkenny. See you then. Aiveen.

  2. A few more names?? Ehhh lots of love from Paul, Aishling, Brian, Ciarán, EoinJ, Seán, Dave, Aran, Fintan, Eoin McK, Muireann and her 100 teddies! Is that enough??? :)

  3. This doesn't count,
    there in the wrong place,
    pay attention or your heading back to school for the summer, no more crafting for you young lady, ha ha

  4. Keep looking further down the page.

  5. would love to be in for a candy bag what weather we are happing


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