Aug 14, 2011

The Cards Below were entries for my August Challenge 
to make it fare we put all the names into a bag and
 the winner was
 Theresa Bradley
Who won a lovely Embellishment Case 
and a selection of embellishments.
Margaret Tierney

Phil Curran
Patricia O Leary

 Shirley Power
 Box for Shirley's Card
Kay Roche

Nellie Doherty

Anne Kirwan

Sorry I am not sure who owns which cards so Please email with your name and card details, if you would like to give a brief tutorial on your card, please do, and I will pop it under you're card with a link. many thanks for joining in, we will do it again next month.


  1. Hi Yvonne. Thanks a million for a fantastic day in Kilkenny. Your ideas for the different cards are fantasitc. Thank you for all the time you put into designing and preparing the kits for us all. Everything went very smoothly, and the atmosphere was lovely! A brief tutorial under the August challenge cards would be a great idea! The standard was VERY high! Congratulations to everyone who made a card!

  2. I have to agree, the cards blew me away,
    well done to everyone who entered, as the names are all put into a hat, it means everyone has a chance the advanced crafter's and the beginners everyone is welcome to join in next month,I have a stamp set and inks up for grabs, like the ones Margaret used to stamp the envelopes.

  3. Hi Yvonne
    Thanks for a great day in Kilkenny. As Aileen said there was a lovely athmosphere. It was great to see cardmakers from Carlow joining us. Some names for you to match the cards for the competition. The magnolia card is Anne Kirwan, the blue sea card is Phil Curran, The Cat card is Nellie Doherty and the roses wit
    h the turn back is Patricia O'Leary

  4. Thanks Patricia, have added the names under the cards, see you nxt wednesday are all 5 ladies still coming, can you email me there names.
    Yvonne xx


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