Feb 21, 2012

Hi Everyone
I am having a bad day,
Well a bad 10 days actually.
My printer started playing up, and have had more problems with it, this week, with ink leaving splodges all over the place, have tried everything Dell suggested, only to loose my Patience with the Chap in India, so have ordered a new one, from Office spot.ie
I decided to go for another Colour laser, I know there very expensive, but feel I wont get the same quality with an ink jet, so say a prayer it arrives on Friday as promised, 
I am using my old Epson, to finish the inserts for Sunday, and it's printing quiet well, but very very slowly.
so posting while it does it job.
Looking forward to Portmarnock on Sunday, 
and catching up with everyone.
Yvonne xx


  1. Best Wishes for Sunday and say hello to the girls for me.Do hope the printer arrives on Friday Margaret

  2. Oh Yvonne that sounds like a total nightmare!! Fingers crossed it arrives first thing on Friday!
    See you Sunday!!

  3. Hi really looking forward to Sun. Will ring tomorrow with another not-to-of-the-wall request. Talk then, Aiveen.

  4. Thank God, all is well that ends well! Sunday will be perfect! Aileen


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