Nov 4, 2011

Mr Magpie
 He is not to clear in this photo

I have a new friend, his name is Mr Magpie
But he's not welcome,
Every morning for the last few weeks, this bird, knocks my front door, with his beak, and flies upwards against the glass, if  I'm in my bedroom he sits on the window sill  and pecks on the window. so this morning had my camera ready, as I'm sure everyone thought I joking, well here he is bold as life, knocking the glass on my front door. and it's starting to freak me out, 
One for sorrow and all that.


  1. Weird.. Maybe it's time to make a little scarecrow and hang him on your door!

  2. I had all the Halloween decorations up last week, and they didn't bother him, I tried feeding him by leaving bread on the pillar at the steps, he eats a bit, so it's not hunger, or he would eat it all.
    still freaking me out a bit.

  3. Hi, you have a magpie,I have chickens and they too drive me mad. Don't worry you'll get used to him and won't notice after a while. Aiveen.

  4. It's the rhyme that worries me, one for sorrow, I am very superstitious, and do believe in all the nonsense. and they do have very big beaks, did you ever watch the Alfred Hitchcock movie BIRDS

  5. Now Yvonne you are begining to worry me. Here are my looking forward to Kilkenny and all things card and you're talking "birds". Now if it was a mouse!!!!

  6. Aiveen, I can tell you if I had a mouse in this house, you would hear me all the way in Malahide screaming, so maybe my feathered friend, knows how I feel about mice, and is really helping me out.

  7. Try covering the door with material so he can't peck at the window. Regarding your superstition with 'one for sorrow', just be glad he doesn't invite his friends to the party :)

  8. Hey, another idea. Use a lot of windowlene. That might deter him...

  9. Hiya, Yes, clean the windows, he could be after spiders or bugs caught in a spiders web
    NO-I am not saying your windows are dirty....a spider can spin a web in a couple of hours.
    Superstitions were made up by uneducated people to explain why things happen.
    The Magpie is just going about his own business and it just happens that he likes your door. maby its shiny, they love shiny things:-)

  10. I had though he could see his reflection in the glass and thinks its another sign of him yet this morning, but he was here yesterday morning,


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