Aug 27, 2011

I have just been very naughty and bought myself 
the set of 7 Spellbinders dies from Create-n-craft
Well it's over 3 months so doesn't seem to bad.
and I really really need them!!


  1. Hi Yvonne, I'm glad to see someone else is buying as well as me. Just bought some cuttlebug stuff (which I had already bought before I left)again. The sun must have got to me.Can't wait For you're class. See you soon. Aiveen.

  2. Welcome home Aiveen.
    Bring them with you, to the class sure someone will want them.

  3. Aiveen's not back until the 31st! She's being naughty from Bulgaria! I wonder where the name 'biffoo' has come from!!

  4. She must have her laptop with her to be shopping on-line, very naughty

  5. No, judging by her typing, she is on a german laptop!

  6. You can't have enough of a stash:-) just too small a house:-)


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