Aug 26, 2011

Hello to everyone looking in.
I Just spent the whole afternoon, getting backgrounds on to card, my card boxes are looking very low, so decided I need to get working, I have so much printed paper in my craft room, I decided not to print a single sheet, until I made a big hole, in what's already printed,( ink is so expensive,) well I manage to get 65 cards ready for toppers, so I am really pleased with myself, but need to get cracking on some toppers, so Baby tonight, and then wedding tomorrow,
 What are you all up to,?
leave a comment below, and say hello.

Here are some of the cards I made this weekend

These card haven't been finished off, all the little extras will be added as they are needed.
I have so much stuff, I thought I had better start using it up, 
or I wont be able to go to the Kings Hall Belfast this year,
for the craft show.


  1. Hi Yvonne! I've been working on a bookatrix card for a 40th Wedding Anniversary that was on tonight! Just home from a great evening in Clontarf Castle! I'm delighted with the card. I was over with Anne Lennon on Thursday morning for coffee and she set me to work on her bookatrix board. I'm delighted with the finished product! I'd upload it onto the blog but don't know how! I have also been working for the card for my colleague in Germany. I have it practically finished at this stage. It's a mixture of the card with the wide bound edge we made in Kilkenny and the 21st card with the easel topping we did in Greystones. I have 'married' the german/ irish culture to suit the role this colleague played with my students in his position. We are very sad to see him leave. If I figure out how to upload media, I'll try, but maybe your blog should feature your beautiful creations rather than my meagre efforts!! I was also supposed to make a card for a Priest who is leaving our parish, but would rather send him on a nice quality card rather than throwing something together at the last minute. I got a lovely découpage from you at one stage of a boy and a girl in their pyjamas saying their prayers, so I think I'll use that, as this man did a lovely childrens Mass once a month. I'm looking forward to Aiveen coming home next week! It's a pity I can't join you on the 6th. Unfortunately work ist getting in the way of my social life :) I'm sure your crafty friends are going to read this note an wonder how to comment on a blog. I'd like to help crafters to use this blog. The plan is to organise some laptops for the upcoming workshops and help people sign in and participate in your blog. Anne Lennon is now officially a blogger, and 'Biffo' in Bulgaria isn't far behind!! Let me know what you think of my idea! All we need is three or four laptops and we're set up.

  2. Have visitors over the weekend so craft room is occupied. Too busy anyway- Hubbies birthday yesterday and we had a picnic in the local Woodstock park for my daughter who is 12 on the 31st, so cooking, baking and cake making and entertaining have kept me going. But...
    because of visitors I have a tidy crafty corner to mess up again this evening:-)

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  4. Hi Aileen and Kay
    Delighted you are both chatting on my blog,it's
    lovely to see the comments, and see what you are all up to, my class on the 7th of Sept, will teach everyone how to start their own craft blog, and then I will put a link to each blog, under Irish Craft blogs in the right hand column. I think to post comments you need to join me as a follower of my blog, and register your email address with google, thats what I do to post comments on other blogs,
    so come on everyone, start chatting and sharing your love for card making.
    Yvonne xx
    Don't know what I did on the last comment, it didn't work.

  5. Wow! You've been a very busy bunny! They look fantastic! And YES, you can now definitely justify a trip to Belfast to replenish your stock!!

  6. WOW you have certainly been busy. Thanks for posting these pics as they will inspire us.
    Still have visitors so cannot get into craft in the morning, Belfast here I come - just to take a look :-)

  7. Well Kay that's all I'm going for, To look, must not touch, must not Buy, will have to keep repeating that to myself,so it registers.
    see you all soon
    Yvonne xx


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