Jul 1, 2011

Marion Kilbride asked me to pass on that, 
Argos have a glue gun at a special price of €4.99 with 10 sticks of glue, (normally €12.99) fantastic value, but don't leave them on for to long or the glue will over heat and cook, causing the glue to discolour, and the smell will give you a headache. well worth investing in one, as they are fantastic for sticking embellishments instantly.
Check it out HERE
I bought the last 2 in Dundrum, there a large glue gun, and fantastic value at €4.99 because the pack of glue would of cost €2.99 on it's own, you need to check the store locater as there are very few left,


  1. Woo Hoo, I got the last one in Wexford. All gone in Kilkenny and Waterford. Was just thinking I must get one and then I saw this post.
    Will drive down this morning to pick it up:-)

  2. Well done Kay I got the last 2 in Dundrum, fantastic value so thank you Marion for passing on the details


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