May 1, 2012

The Winner was Siobhan,
Anne Rowe picked the winning ticket.
I will bring your prize to Kilkenny for you.
many thanks to everyone for taking part.
Yvonne xx

4th of May
Come on Everyone leave a comment,
there a lovely crafty prize up for grabs, just for saying hello, you have until tomorrow evening to join in.
What a horrible few days we have had
The weather is just awful
I need cheering up.
If your looking in over the next few days
Please leave a comment and say hello
Then check back on Saturday
I will have  something to share
You may be the lucky winner

2nd of May
Well today I have had 41 views,
but only 3 comments today,
The other 38 have missed the chance for a fantastic prize.
 which I will announce on Saturday evening and will post world wide.

Who's in so far
Siobhan, Aiveen, Aileen, Camilla, Jenny, Margaret, Betty, Anne,  Mary.`Roberta, Caroline, Patricia, Kay, Michelle,

Up date 6th of May
I have no camera so will wait until Tuesday evening at Card Art, 
to pull the winning name. 
Yvonne xx


  1. hi yvonne what terrible weather we have hope it will dry up soon all the best to you regards Siobhan

  2. Hi just back in from class in Marie in Myshall we had cake to cheer us up had a good laughter what it is need for weather like this Margaret

  3. Hi Yvonne!

    Oh my the weather is so crazy here :) I thought it would have settled Down by now!! We are getting blown away.... Perfect crafting weather though :) xx

  4. I agree I have got lots done today,
    Communion and Confirmation Card coming out of my ears, but nearly there, even took the phone off the hook for a few hours to get through them.
    hello to you all
    Siobhan Margaret and Aideen
    Enjoy your crafting,

  5. Hi Yvonne. Thanks a million for a fantastic day of crafting fun. From beginning to end, you spoiled us with lovely food and beautiful cards. Look forward to the next day! xx

  6. Hi Yvonne,
    You are right the weather is so miserable!!
    It is a disaster trying to go anywhere as the roads are lethal and traffic is everywhere!!!
    Hope you get through all the cards quickly! I bet those new cross dies are coming in handy!

  7. Thanks Aileen and Jenny,
    see you both real soon.

  8. What lovely summer day :)
    See you on Tuesday

  9. Hi pet Summer is on the way sun shining here now xx

  10. Hi Yvonne, Well today wasn't bad weatherwise so I went to town and did some shopping and I did make a few cards during the bad spell. Cheers!

  11. Hi Yvonne, Sorry can't make your next workshop, most of my Sundays are booked up. I do have an odd free on now and again. What new cross dies did you get? Just got our new stove installed in sitting room, can't wait to light it this evening and put my feet up after work. Can you say a prayer for my family, going through difficult time at the mo. Son has to have biopsy on his jaw today. God willing it will be ok. Talk soon. Mary

  12. Hello Betty and Anne, have put you in for draw, thanks for leaving a comment, it makes keeping the blog worth while,

    Hello Mary, thinking of you, and hope your son get good news.
    sending a blessing his way. enjoy the stove, sounds very cosy, and it's quiet cold today, so make the most of it,
    I got the new spellbinders set of crosses, there still in the box as I haven't had a min, with communion and confirmation cards, almost there today,just making my nephews 30th birthday cards, and then finished. and it's Friday, so there's a nice bottle of wine in the fridge with my name on ( thanks Roberta)
    see you all soon
    love Yvonne xx

  13. Hi Yvonne,

    Thanks for the lovely lunch and of course the craic you cant buy that. Hope you got the printer sorted see you Tuesday Berta

  14. Hi Yvonne,
    The weather has been horrible here in bonmahon co, waterford.
    my son has vomiting bug all week . so busy... busy .. hope your keeping well and looking foward to seeing you in kilkenny.
    The cards should be fab! as always.
    Take care. caroline

  15. Hello Yvonne. just saying how are you. Patricia

  16. AAAAh, I thought I'd left a message....cyberspace is trying to confuse me.
    Hi Yvonne, HELLO, All quiet here....waiting for summer:-)kay

  17. Hi Yvonne,
    I thought I left a message yesterday too.
    Just home from a fabulous afternoon at Aiveens with Aileen.
    Finished one of your cards.
    Remember happiness is doing,(your cards) not having!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. That's right Michele, and make sure that all accidents are happy ones!

  20. The best comment I've heard today: YOLO. Can anyone guess what it stands for? It's the name of a café in Ennis.

  21. i am delighted to have won the prize thanks yvonne and thanks to anne for pulling out my name and thanks to aileen regards siobhan


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