May 1, 2013

Blog Candy

And the winner is Jenny
Will give you your goody bag at the club night.

Happy 1st of May everyone
It’s beautiful here in Kilcoole, the suns shining, but still cold
so to celebrate, I am having a little Give away.
I have a lovely Pack of Goodies, courtesy of Anne Rowe.
All you have to do is  leave a comment under today’s post 
1st of May, and tell me what cards you made recently. 
I will pick a winner on Sunday at my workshop.

Everyone welcome to enter
And I will post the parcel out to whoever wins
Many thanks Yvonne

Who's entered so far
Brona, Anne Lennon, Clare, Sallie, Nicola, Michelle, Kathleen, Linda, Aileen, Jenny, Kay, Katya, Shirley, Shioban, MaryO leary,

Sneak peaks of cards for Sunday.


  1. Happy 1st of May Bealtaine sona xxxxThank you xxx bróna

  2. Lovely day here in Dublin too. This week I made an 8x8 cream scalloped wedding card for one of my son's workmates and to be signed by 15 others. I made 2 cards in Aiveen's on Monday night (to be honest they are not completely finished). Today I am making a Bookatrix card and box as a Communion Card. For me this is much more cardmaking than usual. Anne

  3. and I have made 2 50th birthday book cards a confirmation card and a bookatrix communion card
    also got lovely ribbon today in tip top smithfield

  4. Busy time for me with Communion Cards rolling of my table. Made 14 Communion, 5 Confirmation, 2 Birthday and One Wedding, in the last week. Had a bit of catching up to do as hubby had been in hospital for almost 2 week recently. Phew but finally got there.

  5. Hi Yvonne, my last batch of cards were for my sons 11th birthday and some communion cards, hope you are keeping well Nicola

  6. Hi Yvonne, Yesterday I made 3 Good Luck in Your Exam cards for my 3 nephews who are doing the JC and LC. I am also making a wedding card and a card for Camila's Card Swap. Happy 1st of May to you too. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Linda

  7. Hi Yvonne! My big card of the moment was to celebrate my godson's first birthday. I had great fun making a double tri-fold card and adding photos with embellishments. I also made two cards for colleagues at work - one just had a baby girl. Unfortunately another colleague has been ill since Easter, so I was glad to be able to cheer her up with a card too. Looking forward to Sunday!

  8. PS: the sneak peeks look great :)

  9. Hi yvonne;
    I made one wedding and 2 for the triplets
    Really looking to Sunday for inspiration

  10. Hi Yvonne, sneaking in as the last few minutes of a beautiful May day comes to an end. I made two cards at Aiveens this week, but mainly I was tidying and organising all my stash in preparation for the new table which I can devote to

  11. Sorry having problems sending this message. Anyway to finish, table will be devoted to creating Yvonne's kits!

  12. Hi Yvonne,
    It has been all baby cards for me recently :) Lots of new arrivals!

  13. Hi Yvonne, Happy May Day to you and yours.
    I've made three wedding cards, two birthday cards, a congrats on becoming a mechanic card and a get well soon card. I have my strangest wedding card request ever yet to do and several cards for the same person who is a beautician!!!
    Sneak peaks look lovely - looking forward to making them Sunday week. Shirley

  14. Hiya =)) Happy first of may =)

    I have been quiet busy at work so I havent been able to do much and even less to post and upload photos. But my last three projects were an altered dairy/organiser and two wedding cards and a tutorial for one of them=)

  15. Hi Yvonne, sneak peek cards look lovely. I've made confirmation cards, a communion one, two 70th birthdays and a birthday card for a 7yo. A busy week. Roll on the summer. XX

  16. hi yvonne i am making communion confirmation christening and birthday cards at the moment regards Siobhan

  17. Hi Yvonne, I'm busy with Confirmation, Holy Communion, wedding, anniversary and birthday cards. Practically covers everything doesn't it. lol Hope you and all the family are well. xx

  18. Hi Yvonne I just recently discovered blog and your work is fabulous, I just started making cards early this year I was wondering where you get all you toppers they are amazing, i have been making communion and confirmation cards for the last few weeks for family and friends

    Hugs Phil


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