Apr 11, 2015

Confirmation Card

Handmade rosette with little silver cross

Raised Oval Aperture Night Light Card

This card was designed to close flat for posting.

Using Velcro Tabs to raise the aperture

Over View of Battery Night Light

Cutaway Gate Fold
in pretty lilac shades

1st gate opened

Both gates open

Back view of card

Harlequin Race horse Card 

Satin and lace Padded Communion Card

I buy the 
and Lace
Very reliable service and great prices

it is polyester wadding http://shop.vibesandscribes.ie/polyester-wadding-6-oz-1-2-mt/   this is the lace http://shop.vibesandscribes.ie/budget-lace-white-1-meter/   and this is the satin http://shop.vibesandscribes.ie/budget-satin-lining-white-1-meter/ will post on my blog as well 


  1. Hi Yvonne Many thanks to you Roberta and Carlow ladies for the great day on Saturday Looking forward to next one Regards Siobhan

  2. That is such a cool card, the one with the candle. So beautiful and creative.

  3. thank you Siobhan and Jessica for the lovely comments.


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