Aug 13, 2014

Fun Night Cards August

Fun night card with a Nautical Theme.

Yvonne (me)
This is my card 
We had a selection of card from Papermill.
Marine Images and background,
I have entered this card into
Crafting with the Dragon HERE
Pop over and have a look at all the other entries.

everyone had a blank kit, and I put a lovely selection of twines, marine embellishments, sand,shells and moss, plus inks and chalks out on the table, and the cards were made free style.
it just goes to show how different everyone creative minds work.

here is a link to the on line shop I got my shells from, in the uk .
but you can fine loads on ebay.


I just tried to place an order for more shells from shellco and got a security warning, so have sent them a message,
will let you know how I get on.

Update. they do a a security warning
 (which pops up from Google Chrome)
 but it's perfectly okay to go ahead and order.

Thanks Girls for a great fun night
hope I got all the names right,
and apologies for poor pictures.





Sorry this photo is very blurred


Sorry girls didn't get to photo them all.

Just a tip girls, the metal embelleshments do not liked to be stuck with glue, so add some wire, twine,or ribbon to hang them on, and stick the hanging attachment to the card first, you could hide it with a little moss or sand, so you don't see it.

This is the 1st card we made
everyone had a pre-cut kit, and we assembeled it together


  1. Hi Yvonne
    my husband was really impressed how you got me to make a card totally outside my comfort zone. No measuring no exactness. He really loved the sea themed card. So thank you.

  2. Hi Yvonne
    Great night. Really loved the cards we made. See you soon, Linda

  3. Hi Yvonne,
    Sorry to have missed making such lovely cards. Hope to make it to the September night.
    Enjoy the rest of the Summer,


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Yvonne xx