Mar 4, 2013

Card Art's Next fun evening is Tuesday the 12th
Theme this month
Camilla asked for Children’s Get Well, 
and Sheila asked for Wedding card 
places limited to 8 
Jenny, Camilla, Clare, Roberta, Sheila, Linda,
2 places have come free for this Tuesday
please phone me if you want to come.

But I am starting a second night, 
each month as the numbers have really out grown my kitchen
Which will be the 3rd Thursday of each month.
you can only chose 1 of the night, that way I am hoping to fit everyone in. and both night will be the same kits.

The 1st Thursday evening will be
21st of March
Places still available. Anne Rowe, 

please get back to me ASAP
to confirm which evening suits you best.
many thanks Yvonne


  1. Hi! I'm tearing my hair out this evening trying to make an Aperture Easel step card. I mustn't have been at the workshop as I have two unmade step cards and unfortunately can't make sense of the second card which doesn't have the cuts/folds. I'm trying to copy the kit you'd have made during the day but am unsure of the colour scheme :( So sad... I think the friend who should be receiving the card will have to do without this year.

  2. does sound confusing, below is the link back to the cards, I will go back through my workshop Cds and re send you the instructions.

  3. That's great thanks! The photo is clearer on the blog of the sunflowers card. I went back six pages of the blog but couldn't find it! Thnks a million for the link! I'll get back to it this evening! Once my finished product stands, I'll be happy ha ha! xx


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Yvonne xx