Jan 22, 2013

Hi Everyone
Do you fancy a Crafty Challenge

I am participating in the 2013 Creative Pay It Forward. 
 Five people will receive something from me during the year. 
It could be something handmade, a card making kit with instructions,, or a goody bag, It may or may not arrive in the post. (depending on where you live...) the only thing you have to do in return is,
Pass 5 crafty pay it forward's on to a list of 5 names and address picked randomly from the list of names of everyone who enters,

What can you send on
A card making kit, a small goody bag, or something to do with card making, 

Email me your address if you would like to take part. HERE
I would love to read your comments.
so let me know what you think.

I will pick 5 people I haven't met in person, but are interested in Card making, to send my creative pay it forward's to,

What you have to do, is send 5 crafty pay it forward's to the list of 5 names and addresses I send you,
 from the list of names received., each name entered will send 5 gifts and receive 5 gifts in return, 
it is not a roll over going on and on , it is just a once off.
So if you think it sounds fun
Why not join.

Yvonne xx


  1. Count me in! It sounds like fun :)

  2. Thanks Aileen, have put you down and emailed you
    see you soon


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Yvonne xx