Oct 3, 2012

What you need to bring to my workshops.

Craft mat, score board,  paper trimmer, bone folder,
Scissors, craft knife, ruler. pencil, rubber,

Double sided tape, good quality all purpose paper glue,
foam pads, foam tape, 

Hi-tac glue or book binding glue. Glue pen, 

A hot glue gun, and an extension lead, 
so that you can use it at your table.
( This helps to speed up the class as hot glue dries instantly)
Hot glue guns range in price from about €10.00 to €40.00
and are available in most DIY stores.
This is one piece of equipment I could not do without

Stickles, gems, pearls and peel-offs are supplied in the kits,  
but bring extra with you, just encase you want to add extra sparkle.

I set up 2 work station areas with 
glue guns and any extras you might need,
So don't worry if you haven't got everything on the list.
just let me know and I will bring extras. 

But check back nearer the date of your workshop to see 
if I have added anything else.
which will be posted on the workshop information details, and sent out in a email.
All kits come with full instructions, 
so that you can repeat the design at home.
Many thanks Yvonne xx

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