Apr 2, 2012


Good Morning to you all
Well the feed back has been coming in thick and fast 
about the fun day, and the general consensus is, 
Everyone wanted a bit more structure to the day, and would like to make a kit, so they have something to bring home, and I agree,
We will defiantly do more fun days,
but I think we all had so much with us to set up for the day, we could of done with shopping trolley's just to cart everything up stairs, So maybe if one person wanted to share cricut updates, then we could all sit together, and everyone pick up the tips.
Also Shoreline is way to hot for crafting, so we won't be going there again. Newtownmountkennedy, the lighting is not good enough,
so I am looking at halls this week, and will get back with a new venue, I want to keep the cost down, so will chat to the ladies and see what's best.will share more news when things are sorted.

I was so busy Saturday I forgot to pick the blog candy winner
so will do it later today with Garreth and let you know who the winner is.

Enjoy the Easter break if the kids are off school.
Yvonne xx


  1. Just be thinking what if one person give demo on their machine answer question from the floor then go and do kit when we collect all the information on the all machines we pass on to new crafts need to keep the cost down

  2. Hi Margaret and Aiveen
    Yes cost is defiantly an issue, and I would rather see more crafter's, by keeping the cost low. we could have questions and answer session, with a few of us giving advice to beginners, and anyone who has questions about the electronic die cutting machines, can send them in advance, so the person doing the demo, is prepared with the answers,
    then move on to what we all love doing card making. and getting a few kits done.
    what do you think of that?
    Yvonne xx


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Yvonne xx