Dec 4, 2011

Christmas is well and truly on the way
I have started to decorate the house inside, 
and will get the outside started tomorrow,
My Mum is in hospital, so I am behind with everything,
hopefully she is getting out later today, and coming to me for a few days rest, just waiting on the call to collect her.
Looking forward to catching up with everyone on Wednesday evening, and then lunch on Thursday in Newtownmountkennedy.
enjoy the rest of the weekend what ever your doing.
Yvonne xx


  1. Hi, I'm glad to hear your mother got home and will be with you this evening. Wed. can't come quick enough. I'm not even thinking about putting up decorations maybe next weekend.See you then, Aiveen.

  2. Hi Yvonne, I love the christmaseyness of your blog. I just can't get into the full spirit of it this year.Well not yet anyway.
    I'm sorry I cannot make tomorrow eve or the lunch on thurs.
    I will see you sometime soon, weather permitting.
    Enjoy all the festivities, Kay XX

  3. Have a great Christmas Kay if I don't see you before,enjoy the rest after all the crafting and cake making, just made a chocolate cheese cake for tonight, and working on the supper,
    see you in 2012
    lots of love Yvonne
    See you tonight Aiveen
    love Yvonne

  4. Sorry to hear your Mam was in hospital. I hope she is recovering well and getting into the spirit of the season!


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