Feb 2, 2018

My first attempt at a Loaded Envelope
Really Enjoyed putting this little creation together.

See diagram template at end of post.

I made this one as a sewing theme,
Which I will swap with a partner from my facebook group.
Front view of envelope filled with toppers, tags, embellishments.
Hand made mannequin, handmade paper and fabric dress, 
Toppers, and extra images
so the recipient can use the items 
to create handmade sewing themed cards.

Back of envelope with extra pocket.

All the items removed from front of envelope
you can see the envelope folds
and extra pocket I added to the front.

Items removed from back of pocket.

The main envelope is 14cm by 30 cm 
scored at 14cm and 16 cm to make the spine,
do this twice, then cut away the section shown in the diagram to about 6cm from end, to create the envelope design 
it has a spine added to the bottom,

Stick B, directly on top of A.
Give the score line a nice tight crease.
Attach the  Base Spine to create a box envelope. 
I added an extending panel 
to the inside and outside of middle panel, 
so it would hold extra items.
Decorate the panels. with pretty paper lace or ribbon. 
and fill with crafty treasures.

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  1. Hi Yvonne. I here admiring your loaded envelope. It was an amazing project! Lucky recipient! XX


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