Aug 8, 2011

Hi Paper Crafter's 
I have run this blog for over 2 years, and get so many people viewing, from places I can't even pronounce, 
in the 2 years I have had over 26000 hits, and so few comments, 
I'm not sure it's worth all the bother,
Why Do You!! visit craft blogs,
are you looking for ideas. inspiration,
Some one in Dunlaoire pops in most day. Why?
Today someone from Grimbsy was looking for twisted easel card.
Someone from Beauport, Quebec was looking 
for a double tri-fold cascade card 
Someone from Woodhouse Cross Roads, Waterford
 was looking for me, Why?
it just fascinates me, as when I visit a site I find interesting I leave a comment, just to say Hi and thank them for sharing information and inspiration, If I see a card I like, I leave a comment,
If you have a craft blog would you like to do a link swap, if you would then please email me HERE
So Please leave a comment if your looking in today.
or if you can't get a comment to work for you send me an email please. 
otherwise I might not be here tomorrow.


  1. I love popping into your blog just to see what you are doing.looking forward to kilkenny. Its easy to comment so please do - because she is a lovely person and generous with her time.

  2. Thank you so much Kay for your lovely comment,
    It is frustrating giving so many hours to the blog, knowing it gets so many hits,but very few comments, it's just nice to get feed back, and to be able to help crafter's out,
    really looking forward to catching up with everyone in Kilkenny,
    thanks again
    Yvonne xx

  3. Hi Yvonne, I pop in quite regularly to see what classes are on etc. I was so disappointed to have missed out on one because I hadn't dropped in for a while, domesticity was keeping me busy lol. Love your blog and tutorials and just keeping in touch not to mention getting some lovely inspiration from your beautiful cards. Hope you keep blogging, perhaps if more of your friends left a comment, it would encourage others to do so as well. Thanks for sharing your precious time and your wonderful talent with us. Lots of Love, Mary O' (Navan)

  4. Thanks Mary, sorry your not coming to Kilkenny, but September workshop is only 6 weeks away,and there are lots of new crafter's coming along,I appreciate every comment and always leave an answer, so don't be shy, if you need advice about anything to do with card making, just leave a comment
    Thanks again Mary
    Yvonne xx

  5. I wonder do people know how to post a comment? It took me a while to figure out what the different accounts are. Maybe if you show people the steps to take it would take the mystery out of it! People who keep in touch with you by email could very easily leave comments here - if they knew how! For example I know of someone who looks in from Bulgaria regularly but doesn't know to comment in a blog!! So take a break from the kits and give a computer lesson :)

  6. Aileen I am not sure how to do that, because it's my blog I have no problem, I think you need to join as a follower first before you can comment, but i'm not certain. would you do a step by step, and I could then put it under followers to let them know.

  7. Sure! I'll do my best... I'm only learning by my own mistakes! Let's call it a 'work in progress'!


Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate, you taking the time to leave one. and will do my best to answer every one.
Yvonne xx