Mar 17, 2013

Printer Paper I use and where to buy

A lots of the ladies were asking yesterday about Pinterest

I am only new to it myself, but it's a fantastic way to save all the lovely cards or images you find.
You can view images at any time ,but you need to join to save images, this saves you using space on your computer, and when you become familiar with Pinterest, you can open different boards with different titles, such as Baby Cards, Wedding Cards, Inspiration, 
Vintage images ect,
When you join you download the pin it tool, which will appear at the top of your internet page, when your on a site and see a card or photo you like, click your pin it tool and a whole lot of boxes appear, just re-pin the images you like one at a time,to your board.

In the right hand column on my Blog you will see link into some of my boards and a link into Linda duke cards, and Amazing Paper Grace Cards,
But be careful Its very addictive, you will get lost in time just looking at all the amazing photos,
Here is the home page link to join HERE
you can Join up using your facebook account or your email address, it really is very simple.
Let me know how you get on.
And happy pinning.


  1. Hi Yvonne, just dropping in to say Hello! Happy St. Patrick's Day. Missing all the card classes so much. Not doing a lot at the card making, it's difficult to keep the interest when doing it on my own. Made a few cards for clients this year and they turned out nice. Must get back to blogging and posting my cards. Hope to go to Belfast but again traveling on my own. Art & Hobby shop tried to get card crafting going here in Navan, waste of time, so it's not just me with a problem lol. One could become paranoid living here in Navan lol. Talk soon. Mary xx

  2. Hi Yvonne,
    That is a great topic -Pinterest. I found it very hard to join by waiting for them to get back to me. A quicker way is to be invited. A user can send invites to friends on Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and by email.
    It is Fantastic and as you said very addictive. You have to time limit yourself :-) .
    Mary, I'm sorry that you are on your own in the crafting wilderness. Keep in touch by Facebook with us all.
    Kay XXXXX

  3. Dropping in to wish you a Happy Saint Patricks Day. I love Pinterest too!

  4. My St. Patrick's Day resolution: Join Pinterest! I'm finally a proud member :)

  5. omg Yvonne... i joined Pinterest and have spent toooooo much time on it already haha... its def the place to go for inspiration... ty for introducing us to it.

  6. Hi to everyone. thank your St Patrick's day wishes, and fair play to the new Pinterest fan,don't blame me when the dinners not ready,
    Mary I really think you should give it another go, Had a new lady on to me and she lives in Navan so I am going to send her your email address, she might be interested in a card making day/ evening, what ever suits you both, don't forget to try facebook in the get Ireland Crafting group.
    see some of you on Sunday,
    god bless


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