Jan 25, 2013

Hi Everyone
I have been so busy this week I have not taken any photo's
but have a few on the table so will share some later on,
What you all up to?
I've been making Cup Cakes for my nieces Birthday
Happy 21st Laura
looking forward to tomorrow evening.
Have a good weekend everyone
Yvonne xx


  1. Enjoy the party and the cupcakes! I've been busy making a magic wallet for a friend whose father works with leather and wants to try and copy it! Good luck to him! It's very complicated (til you know how!) He didn't ask for any instructions so I won't send them to him yet, and we'll see how he gets on!

  2. Actually, I've got a question. I used flowersoft to make snow on a Christmas card and it got soaked up by the Anita tacky glue :( What did I do wrong??


  3. Hi Aileen the party was fantastic,
    Flower soft make there own glue, which is similar to Anita tacky glue, I think you just use to much glue, so the flower soft soaked into the glue, because I have used anita tacky glue with flower soft and it worked fine,
    try spreading the glue finer
    See you next Sunday

  4. Great, thanks, will do! Look forward to Sunday!


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