Mar 24, 2012

What a beautiful day we are having,
it's 19 degrees  and bright and sunny
I hope this isn't an early summer.
Clocks go forward tonight.
I spent the day in Dublin with my son, who is having a birthday next week, looking for DC's (Fancy Runners) I am so not clued up on these things, but found them and a hat to match in Dublin.
Garreth was made up, but said it was an epic walk, up and down streets to find a shop that stocked Children's sizes.
I also want to wish
Patricia O Leary
A Very Happy Special Birthday.
hope you had a brilliant party.
I am working on the kits for Dungarvan
only a few places remaining.
and found the most beautiful embellishments for the wedding card, so say a prayer they arrive in time, as there coming from China.
Have a lovely Weekend everyone
Yvonne xx

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  1. Happy birthday Patricia! It sure is a very special birthday! Remember life begins at 40! You have it all ahead of you :D Hope you meet up again soon! xx


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