Dec 23, 2011

Well I said I would share my Christmas cake with you, having enjoyed Kay Roche's Sugar Craft Demonstration at my last Workshop in Kikenny, I said I would give the snow men ago, Garreth and and I had great fun making them. I used my Glass mat covered in cellophane, as a cake board as I couldn't get one any where, and made the poinsettias from my spellbinders die cutters,
thank you Kay for your inspiration, mine's not a patch on your, but well worth all the effort, really found the trees hard to do, even thou you made it look so easy.


  1. Well Yvonne and Garreth, if the cake tastes half as good as it looks then it will be delightful.
    "Well Done" Happy Christmas, Anne

  2. Congratulations, Garreth and Yvonne, your cake looks absolutely fabulous, stunning work. You won't want to cut it now, it looks so fabulous. Have a great Christmas and don't eat too much of that cake all at once. xx

  3. Well, had I known that's what the two of you were up to yesterday, I'd have come over! I got a present of an un-iced Christmas cake that will surely taste fantastic if the smell of alcohol is anything to go by! I was thinking of Kay yesterday the the cute snowmen. Unfortunately I missed her demonstration, so will have to do without a Christmas scene on mine this year!

  4. thanks Girls had great fun icing it,

  5. Hi Yvonne, I LOVE your cake. I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks. Your snowmen have great character. I'll gear myself up for next year and do a couple of saturday workshops for icing Christmas cakes.
    The poinsettias are brilliant!! Hugs

  6. would be very interested Kay
    so please share your planned demo dates


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