Dec 7, 2011

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Here are the 2 decorations we are making this evening at 
Card Art
I changed my mind about the Honeycomb Paper Ball Decoration as it would drive you mad, and you would need the patience of a Saint to make them.
But I did a tutorial on my Tutorial page 
if you fancy giving it ago.

I only used 6 of the Nestie Die-cuts instead of 8
The Tutorial for this Snow Flake Ornament can be found HERE
on  A Path of paper

Tutorial for this Snow Flake Ornament can be found HERE
I found this one on Split coast stampers by Becca from Amazing Paper Grace
This one is only one-sided. (the one on the tutorial is double sided)
as we made 2 instead on the night, as the girls thought it was a waste, as it wouldn't be seen. we added the extra snowflakes to the hanging ribbon. and would be lovely as a topper on a card.

I Still have a few left if your interested.


  1. Beautiful decorations Yvonne. I watched the tutorial for the honeycomb paper ball decoration and I agree with you, you certainly would need the patience of a Saint and it also seemed very fiddly to work with although Becca made it look a breeze as usual. Her work is just gorgeous but then she has access to all that fabulous material to work with, not taking away from the fact that she is very talented too. Have a good day xx

  2. Oh wow! They are amazing! I love the ball!


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