Nov 29, 2011

Up date on Mr Magpie
Well I think he might of been an Angel in Disguise 
On Sunday, My son got all worked up saying there was a burning smell in my workroom again, this smell has been happening on and off for about 4 months, and every time we got the smell, I would go into panic mode, but could not fine where it was coming from. Anyway, Sunday was different, the smell lingered, so I unplugged everything in the workroom, and I wasn't happy, my Son went off to get the train back to college and I started the ironing, the lights kept flickering, and the picture on the telly was not clear, when Michael got back, I told him I wasn't happy, and we started checking everything electrical in the house, when Michael went to the fuse board, it was very close to going on fire, we turned everything off and called a 24 hour emergency service, who came ASAP and said we were so close to a house fire, we had a new shower fitted in May, which was to powerful for the fuse board, so every time it was use the cables were melting, you can't imagine my relief, €400.00 later with new fuse board replaced with right amp fuses, anyway we can now sleep more safely,, Back to Mr Magpie, while repeating the story to Clare, I made a joke about Mr Magpie trying to tell me something was wrong, and at the split second I said his name, he knocked the front door,
Well what do you think?
Me; I think someone up there is really looking out for me 
and my family.
and Mr Magpie is now my best friend, and a very welcome one.

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  1. Wow. That is some story. Delight to hear that all's well that ends well, and as for Mr. Magpie...


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