Aug 15, 2010

A Huge Big Thank You
To everyone who came to my Workshop yesterday, which was my last one until I have my eye surgey,
I hope you enjoyed the cards we made, I will pop them on for you to see, later today,
I would appreciate your feed back, especially on the new venue, so if you have a minuet please email me.
Some feed back has already come in,
see below

Hi Yvonne, Thanks again for a wonderful day.You must be ready to drop with all you did, because I am tied and I only had to put the cards together.
When I got home I looked up the name of thr person that did

''SEW CUTE'' it is
  Can you let the people know that were asking ? Miriam.

I am after finding an extra 40th card in my bag. Are you missing one. If one of the other crafter's are looking for it will you let me know and I can post it on to whoever owns it
Many thanks for an enjoyable day
Marion Kilbride
Hi Yvonne

Thanks again another great day hope you are relazing with the aul glass of wine
 love Roberta

Hi Yvonne thanks for a fantastic day yesterday really enjoyed it cards are stunning new venue really nice and bright/but dont mind which venue you choose for cardmaking
thanks Sinead Keogh

Hi Yvonne, thanks for the email. Had a great day yesterday and all the cards were beautiful, I really enjoyed making them. I don't mind where we meet for card crafting, I'll make the best of it no matter what and try to be prepared for all eventualities. On a practical note, I think the Leisure Centre would be better especially in the colder weather. I suppose there are pros and cons with both venues.  Thanks again for a lovely day yesterday. Hope I will be able to make the next one you hold. Will be in touch, and thinking of you before your surgery. God Bless.
Luv mary

Thank you, had a great day, enjoy making the beautiful cards, enjoy the venue just a little hot. Thank you again Love Margaret Driver

hi yvonne thanks for the information about glitter nos and sew cute and goldwriting I think the

room at shoreline on saturday was great and I would like to go there again it was lovely and bright and clean the cafe was lovely too. The parking is great also. thanks you all the best. love sally

Thanks for such a fab day on saturday. I vote for the new venue . The crepes sold it for me, and possibility of swim at lunch time. Great day out. Hugs. Anne


  1. Hi Yvonne. Thanks a million for a very enjoyable day. It was great to see so many there. The cards were absolutely stunning. What I had hoped to do was to come home with four birthday cards to use for different ages, so a suggestion would be to leave them more general the next time you cover a birthday theme maybe? I heard you saying at the end of the day that a few raffles would help fundraise for a humidifier for the old hall. Failing that, maybe the fundraising could go towards a folding load carrier for you to sit your boxes on and roll in. I was just looking at them in the Argos catalogue. I sent photos of the cards to Aiveen last night. I hope it won't make her feel worse at not being there... Thanks a million again. Already looking forward to the next time, when you will be over your op and well on the way to recovery. Love Aileen

  2. Hi Aileen thanks for feed back, It is looking like shoreline leisure has won everyone over, the suggestion for open birthdays is a good idea, I am working on some designs at the moment for my next workshop, even though I don't have a date planned until after my opp,
    And I've a special event to talk over with club members at our next meeting then I will post the details, many thanks Yvonne


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