May 8, 2016

Birthday Card
for a very special friend

Decoupage image of a beautiful French house. 
with a die-cut bike, (thanks Aiveen)
I added a photo of a little basket and added some tiny flowers to it, then added a floral display down the side

over view

This is the poem I found, that I put inside the card.
but I worked on it to make it special for my friend.

I got up this morning, but haven't yet dressed
My dishes aren't done, and my house is a mess
Have not done my house work, nor washed a pot or pan.
You see, I’m gonna be busy
There’s a card to be done.
For a special friend of mine, has a special birthday.
An extra special one
As she’s gonna be Sixty
But she’s away in the sun
So I’ve a little more time
To create a masterpiece, for this friend of mine
There’s so much to say, so much crafting to do
I'm sitting here now covered in glitter and glue
My scissors hasn’t stopped, cut, cutting away.
But ‘O' dear me, I’m finding it hard.
As she a card maker, and a really good one.
And I don’t want to mess up and get it all wrong.
I know what to do now,
to wish her the big six “0”
I’ll add extra glitter, so my card sparkles and shines.
And I’m sure that she’ll love it.
Made by my very own hands.

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