Apr 18, 2016

Sewing Stepper theme Card for a craft friend

Side view of stepper card

Sewing jar filled with all the things you need for sewing.
with a pin cushion on the lid.

Haberdashery Caddy

Paper spools with different lace and ribbons

back of caddy poem

Ruffled Ribbon and lace card
with beautiful floral detail and a little handmade cherub

Handmade Lace wreath card
in peach and cream, with ribbon detail and roses.

Stop and smell the roses.
8 inch Sq card
with torn paper detail, and beautiful ribbon and rose detail.

Teddy bears picnic card
This card was all about creating a friendship circle
there's a teabag in the envelope. and a lovely little jointed teddy bear
 to act as the rest for the easel.
with little silver teaspoons on the handle and roses on the spout.
with a tiny decoupaged tea set on the floor
this is the verse inside the card.

I took inspiration for this card from
Miranda's Freubelsite on facebook
she is such a talented lady.

For whatever the reason
Whatever the season
Whatever the day may be
This teddy bear
I'm sending to you
with a little pack of tea
Because I'm thinking of you
and I hope it makes you smile
so boil the kettle and make a brew
and sip your tea and think of me
and reminisce a while.

side view

box for card.

Teddy bears travel note book

inside the note book

Please sign this little book
And send it on its way
To show the recipient
Where I was,
and who had me
for a while.
Add your address,
and you never know
A new friendship circle
You’ll help to grow.

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  1. This card collection is stunning too. I’m stalking you for sewing theme card ideas! X


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