Feb 6, 2014

Extra items needed for
 Creative Floral Embellishment Workshops

Please can you bring the following items with you
thread 6 needles with white or cream thread, if you stick one needle into a piece of card and wrap the thread around the card it will stop them tangling. bring the spool of thread with you, just in case you need extra.
an A4 box to hold your flowers, and some small boxes or pots or your tidy tray, to hold the beads in,
your usual card making glues, foam pads and tapes, 1 good scissors for cutting ribbon,  a paper scissors, and a small wire cutters,
everything has already been cut, but you might want to trim. so bring your small trimmer,

as we are creating the flowers from scratch, we will spend the morning making flowers, and turn them into cards in the afternoon.
please get in touch if you need any help.
many thanks Yvonne 


  1. Turn them into ... CARDS??? Now you r talking my language! But SIX needles, not that sounds like hard work... :) Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!


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