Jan 7, 2012

Summer Road Show with Stephanie and Nancy 2nd of August Dublin

Just had this email from Nancy Watts

Hi Yvonne,

Oh thank you so much for your email!  I can give you the date, but I don’t have the precise venue details yet, although I know that it has been booked!  The date is 2nd August and to book your tickets, pop along to http://www.summercrafting.co.uk/product.php/10/2nd_august_dublin

Best wishes
Nancy x

I know it's a long way off, but if you're booking summer holidays and don't want to miss the Chance to craft with Stephanie and Nancy you will want to book your place early.
let me know if your going
I know I defiantly am.
Yvonne xx


  1. Myself and collette are defo interested in this Yvonne. Keep me posted.
    Ta. Xx

  2. thinking of making a group booking, but the different clubs might like to book them selves in to seat together, not sure how many tickets there are, but will check with Card Art Ladies and book us in the next few days.
    something nice to look forward to in the Summer,the 2nd of August is a Thursday.
    so will need some planning around the Children.

  3. Yes, sounds good! Count me in!

  4. will chat more about this event at the class.

  5. Hi Yvonne, I've got my ticket! If you are a member of the Create and Craft club you get a 10%discount.some thing to look forward to. Kay


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