Jan 9, 2013

Hi Ladies I haven't had a Blog Candy Give Away in a while.
So thought I would do something this week
You have until Monday the 14th to leave a comment to my


Why did you start Card Making as a Hobby

The Prize
Will be a small box filled with all the shabby Chic stuff I can stuff into it, to re-create one of the little Shabby Chic boxes we made at our fun night, I will post this world wide
 Everyone is welcome to enter. Don't forget to leave me a contact name, so I can choose a winner.

Good Luck.
I will add the names under this post as they come in.

Aiveen, Aileen, Jean, Clare, Sharon Parker, Sheila Shannon, Brona, Barbara, Patricia O, Linda, Liz, Phil, Anne L, Nicola , Siobhan.

Why I love Card making.
I started Card Making about 7 years ago, I received a lovely handmade card, which was decoupage, and although I had learned Card making in Bourton on the water, in the Cotswold at the local W. I. group, about 22 years ago, I hadn't made cards for years, 
I did some cutting out while recovering from a hysterectomy. I was watching telly, and flicking through the channels and found QVC Dawn Biddy was on, and I spent a fortune. Since making my first very simple cards, I haven't stopped, I love sharing new ideas, and my motto is "when you learn something new share it"
the thanks you get for other crafter's is so worth it. 
and the friendships amazing.
So thanks Ladies
Yvonne xx


  1. Hi Yvonne, last night was really great. I love what I did with my box. You had an amazing amount of "stuff" to choose from. I was going to give it as a present but decided it's to nice to give away. My diet went out the window with all the lovely goodies you had. Looking forward to 3rd. Thanks for a most enjoyable evening. Aiveen.

  2. Hi Yvonne! I started into cardmaking thanks to Aiveen. As straight as a dye, she told me one day that I was wasting her time whenever I arrived for coffee and a chat, as she had to leave her beloved hobby! Reluctantly I agreed to join her. She was very generous with me, sharing her bits and pieces and giving me challenges. She is also very open and happy to share tips and new ideas with me. Through Aiveen I have met a wonderful circle of new friends. Thanks again Aiveen!

  3. Believe it or not it is because of you I started I went to one of your workshops in Malahide and the cards you made and helped me make i have no words to explain other that it was fantastic,And I have met lovely people and I now have a social life and places to go.
    Jean Rowe

  4. You also started me off in a much bigger way , I was only dabbling and when I met you in the school yard you mentioned it and i said i had tried it and then I joined the club and as they say.... You have a lot to answer for madame!!!!!!

  5. Sharon Parker Byrne
    organised class for ladies through my volunteer work ,met Betty bits Margaret Driver,Kerry Colson ,Pat o Leary and your good self along with couple of other tutors.
    learned to relax and towards end of 2012 made it my time for ME again
    thanks All xxx

  6. Having retired from nursing and 21yrs of caring for the elderly I decided I wanted to do something to contribute to the quality of life of the residents at the local hospital.I took on a project of making Christmas cards with them for 2012 and I really enjoyed it. Their pride and delight with their finished products was enough to encourage me to continue and want me to perfect the art of card making. This is where Yvonne comes in. On searching the internet I stumbled across Cardarteventskilcoole. Having done a full days workshop it has given me an appetite for more and I realise what a wonderful relaxing and rewarding hobby it is especially when one has a teacher who is not afraid to share her ideas and give of herself.
    Sheila Shannon

  7. started in the Grianán with two years of Parchment cards and Mandy started giving classes in her mam's mobile across the carpark and I was hooked I did three or 4 card weekends in the Grianán and I was hooked. I got to know Yvonne and the rest as they say is history Míle buíochas Yvonne Bróna

  8. I started my hobby when Nancy bought me a small card making kit when I was very ill. I love it.

  9. Hi Yvonne, Last night was wonderful. You know me so well you knew I'd love it. I've been glueing and sticking things on paper for as long as I can remember. I was brought up in an age where crafting and reading were the only hobbies we had. I went to a card making dem in Carlow with Betty cummisky and I was hooked. I just couldn't get enough and then I met all of you wonderful crafters and Thanks for everything Yvonne. Patricia

  10. Hi Yvonne, Thanks for the other evening. I was thrilled with my box. It gave me great pleasure to make it and then to give it to my best friend as a keepsake. She was delighted with it. I made my first card at an ICA craft day a few years ago. Then I found you on the internet! I just really enjoy being creative and getting to meet really nice crafty people. Linda

  11. Hi Yvonne
    I love all kinds of Craft and discovered a common interest with Anne, my daughter Christina's Mother in Law.
    She introduced me to Cardmaking which I love doing.

  12. Hi Yvonne,
    I started card making quite by accident. I have always liked crafts and making things but my friend wasn't well after an operation and she decided to do a big clean up on a room where she had stored lots of thimgs. She decided to get rid of some card making things which i got. I just couldn't believe the pleasure i got out of making cards. A couple of years later I joined the Kilkenny Card making club and haven't looked back since. I now have been bitten by the bug and am addicted to card making. I owe a lot to so many of you who have helped, encouraged and supported me with this. Many Thanks Yvonne.
    Phil Curran

  13. Hi Yvonne, I was always interested in various crafts and cardmaking seemed a natural progression. Its great to have met you and all the other cardmakers for inspiration and friendship. Anne Lennon

  14. Hi Yvonne
    I went shopping for two mother's day cards and the card shop in the shopping center was packed so I decided to go into arts and hobby's and get some supplies to try and make my own, and as the saying goes the rest is history, a whole new world has been opened up to me and I've met some amazing people through crafting.
    Thanks Nicola

  15. Hi Yvonne , love the chance to win a shabby chic box, can you pop my name in the draw, can not add a comment myself, Love Card making it's one of those hobbies you get totally addicted too, get way to make friends,
    comment sent in by email


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