Jan 9, 2013

Shabby Chic Boxes

Here are the boxes we made last night at the fun evening
I filled the tables with all sorts of everything
and the ladies were allowed to pick what they wanted,
Some of them brought their own pieces of jewellery and embellishments,
but as you can see everyone looks totally different,
sorry about quality of photos, the lighting was very poor, as it was very late.
thank you to everyone for coming
Yvonne xx

Linda Cameron

Side view of Linda's

Anne Rowe

Side view of Anne's

Yvonne (me)

Side view

Liz Mulvey

Side view

Anne Lennon

Side view of Anne Lennon's

Patricia O Leary

Side view of Patricia's

Kathleen Kelly

 Side view of Kathleen's

Clare Honan

Side view of Clare's

Camilla Lino

Side view of Camilla's

Sheila Shannon

Side view of Shiela's

Aiveen Judge
Side view didn't turn out

We were to make matching cards, but never even touched them as the boxes took all evening, but the ladies really enjoyed making their shabby chic boxes, they just took the card kits home.


  1. Hi Yvonne,
    Wow! what a night, one of the most enjoyable. The boxes are gorgeous. I love mine. Thanks for all your hard work and patience. Anne Lennon

  2. thanks Anne, Mad night, but loads of fun, I think everyone had a good time, and made a change from cards.
    see you soon

  3. brilliant night yvonne and even though I was not in the best of form I really enjoyed the boxes and the madness.

  4. thanks Clare, you were all so engrossed in your own special box, it was lovely to see everyone enjoying your creativity, now I need a project for next month.

  5. Lovely boxes yvonne. Looking forward to the next workshop .A bit of normality. I started my hobbie when Nancy baught me a small cardmaking kit when I was very ill. I love it.

  6. wow girls! Congrats! Great work! I love the boxes!

  7. thanks Barbara and Aileen, it's lovely to read the comments, have moved your comment for you Barbara, so your in with a chance to win,
    God Bless

  8. They are all fantastic. I can see that you would have had loads of fun. It has inspired me to go and decorate some boxes:-) XXX

  9. Hi Yvonne, I put a link on my blog for this post. Looking forward to the next fun night. xx


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